Saturday, August 18, 2007

It all happened too fast

Our release party last night was such a blast. Turnout was fantastic. The SPAMmobile was rockin'. Everything was perfect. Thanks to everyone who came out. My only complaint would be that it all went by so quickly. But I'm not sure who to complain to about that.

We owe so much to Monica Hazelwood. The party simply would not have happened without her. Monica, you are a SPAM angel. I'd also like to thank my brother Bill for his help on the presentation.

One horrible mistake and omission we made in the presentation was not thanking Scott Aakre. Scott, you are a beautiful human being and I want to be best friends and go on picnics in the park with you. I apologize for not having your name up on the screen. I don't know how that happened.

We'll have pictures up soon, maybe even a video.

Next up is 7pm Tuesday night at the Borders Books in Rosedale.

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