Monday, December 22, 2008

Meat knowledge: the gift that keeps on giving!

As one of our most difficult holiday seasons in recent memory, make sure to give the gift that will be incredibly useful after everything collapses. Think about how well-liked you'll be in the future when you save your family from starvation and post-apocalyptic boredom by giving them The Book of SPAM now.

Filled with fun facts and priceless meat knowledge, The Book of SPAM is THE reference of choice for all those preparing for a protein-packed endtime where might will be the only right.

Or in a much less dismal and severe tone, The Book of SPAM makes a great holiday gift for the people you love. People of all ages. People who can read or not -can-read. There's plenty of pictures. Kids will blush. Americans will be proud. And humanity will be uplifted. Don't ruin Christmas again, do it right this time. Buy The Book of SPAM.

Happy Holidays,
Dan & Dustin, your favorite authors.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mayor demands SPAM for all, gets free book.

Chris Beutler, mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska, has come up with a delicious plan: he'll match anyone who donates 200 cans of SPAM to area foodshelves. That's a whole lot of tasty goodness. Read more about it here.

In honor of his SPAManthropic efforts, the mayor was presented a copy of The Book of SPAM by our very own Linda Black (Dustin's mother). We're hard at work developing an edible version for hungry minds all over the world.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Black, for helping SPAM to do such wonderful things.

Big SPAM article in TIME magazine.

YES. It is TRUE. The two ALL CAPS entities finally join forces. ALL CAPS is not about shouting, it's just important stuff that you should notice. Anyhoos, Joel Stein wrote an article for TIME Magazine. He starts all trouncey but comes around when he finds out that big-time, nationally-renowned chefs not only cook with SPAM, they really like it. Had he only consulted The Book of SPAM, he would have learned so much more.

Here's the article:,9171,1865947,00.html

Find big-name chef SPAM recipes here. Or type in

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good times, bad times, always tasty!

Here's another quick story about how SPAM is beloved in good times or bad.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some new press.

We were recently interviewed for the Baltimore Sun, here's the link to the article:,0,3065470.column

And we got a small mention in the Minneapolis City Pages. Not really sure if they've read or even seen the book, since we don't talk about wine & beer pairings for SPAM anywhere that I can recall (other than the previous blog post). But thanks anyways! Keep up the great work.