Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sadness! 30 days of SPAM is over.

I hope you all have been following Mr. Riewer's hilarious journey. He is superultra famous now. Look at him doing one of many interviews. Very professional! Hopefully he'll keep updating us on his 30 Days of SPAM Withdrawal.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pics from the release party.

Book pimpin' ain't easy. We'll have lots more pics up soon. If you're in Minneapolis, don't forget to wake up tomorrow and listen to us talk on morning radio at 107.1 FM.

Tune in tomorrow morning.

We'll be on the Twin Cities own FM 107.1 at around 8am. We'll be on the phone for this one, so my wardrobe will be scanty and revealing. See how that knowledge goes with your coffee tomorrow morning. Mmmmm. Radio. Theater of the mind.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Humanity enjoys The Book of SPAM

This shot was sent in by a fan. Look at how this young man reacts to the wonderful and astounding information in The Book of SPAM!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where is it?

It seems that some bookstores are confused about where The Book of SPAM should go. We think it should have its own section, of course. But as we were scouting around local bookstores and squealing like a little girl when we saw it on the shelf, we discovered that some bookstores properly consider it humor. While others consider it cooking. Maybe others will consider it world history, or even religious literature.

On my quest, I walked up to the information desk to ask where I could find my own damn book that I wroted myself. When I told the girl the name of the book, she looks at me and says "You mean the Scientifically Produced Artificial Meat kind of SPAM?" She's lucky I am such a gentleman.

Today is the day

The Book of SPAM is officially out! Why are you at work today? Why aren't you running to a bookstore near you and buying the hell out of this book? You are going to love it. Do you know why? Because we made it for you. That's why. Now go! Go into the world and get everyone you know a copy of The Book of SPAM!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It all happened too fast

Our release party last night was such a blast. Turnout was fantastic. The SPAMmobile was rockin'. Everything was perfect. Thanks to everyone who came out. My only complaint would be that it all went by so quickly. But I'm not sure who to complain to about that.

We owe so much to Monica Hazelwood. The party simply would not have happened without her. Monica, you are a SPAM angel. I'd also like to thank my brother Bill for his help on the presentation.

One horrible mistake and omission we made in the presentation was not thanking Scott Aakre. Scott, you are a beautiful human being and I want to be best friends and go on picnics in the park with you. I apologize for not having your name up on the screen. I don't know how that happened.

We'll have pictures up soon, maybe even a video.

Next up is 7pm Tuesday night at the Borders Books in Rosedale.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interviews Schminterviews

Everybody in Minneapolis check out this week's Onion. We're in there. Mugshot and all. We'll get a scan up ASAP. Then on Saturday morning we'll be on WCCO radio with Charlie Boone telling our magical story at 6:30 am. I hope we don't oversleep! Set your Tivos if you have ones that can record radio. Mom, I know you'll be listening.


We got books!

They're finally here. We held them like little babies. We wept with joy. Then we signed them and sent them off into the world.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Release party posters are up!

They're ready to go. The tension is building. I was sweaty with anticipation.

Thanks to Mary, Monica, Anna, and Jaynee for their help today.


Website work continues

If you thought TheBookofSPAM.com was complete, think again! Well, it's mostly complete. There's some finishing touches being added very soon. You will like them. Yes, I command you to like them.

This is Cory. He's making the website. He's blurry because I had too many beers while he was making the website. This is how I saw him.


Cocktail attire controversy

The Book of SPAM is causing controversy already! And it's not even out yet. For those attending the release party, it was suggested that "cocktail attire" be worn. This has resulted in confusion and many interpretations. For our purposes, "cocktail attire" is what you'd wear out to drink martinis. Not what you wear in the garage swilling warm Schlitz. Like a nice shirt and nice jeans. Or something fancy-dancy for the ladies. It doesn't mean a suit and tie. If you want to wear that, we won't stop you. More power to ya. And if you female people want to bust out any dusty bridesmaid dresses, that's ok too. But you don't have to. Just don't show up in a wife beater and dirty zubas. This is for your own good. When did I suddenly become a fashion nazi? Good lord.

If you have any questions, or if you haven't RSVPed yet, or if you really want to come and we somehow forgot to invite you, email us at:


Monday, August 13, 2007

The first review is in!

This review is pert-near spot-on, methinks. We're busy getting ready for our release party. The tension is thick enough to put in a can. Only 8 more days until the book hits shelves, folks. Can you feel the magic?

View review here.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The theme song has landed.

What book has its own theme song? The Book of SPAM does! Listen to it until your ears bleed with SPAM love. Created with the help of Alex Berglund (violins and mixing, courtesy of Echo Boys Music), Joanna Jahn (the beautiful multi-tracked voices of the choir - check out her site here), and many others, this song captures the emotional fury and intense desire that is The Book of SPAM. Who's that super wicked awesome lead singer? Yours truly. Oh yeah. Feel it.

Download it and put it in your iPod already!