Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cocktail attire controversy

The Book of SPAM is causing controversy already! And it's not even out yet. For those attending the release party, it was suggested that "cocktail attire" be worn. This has resulted in confusion and many interpretations. For our purposes, "cocktail attire" is what you'd wear out to drink martinis. Not what you wear in the garage swilling warm Schlitz. Like a nice shirt and nice jeans. Or something fancy-dancy for the ladies. It doesn't mean a suit and tie. If you want to wear that, we won't stop you. More power to ya. And if you female people want to bust out any dusty bridesmaid dresses, that's ok too. But you don't have to. Just don't show up in a wife beater and dirty zubas. This is for your own good. When did I suddenly become a fashion nazi? Good lord.

If you have any questions, or if you haven't RSVPed yet, or if you really want to come and we somehow forgot to invite you, email us at:


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