Friday, October 26, 2007

Ad Age coverage

For those folks in the dirty business of advertising, check out this week's AdAge. The last page (or first bizarro page) features The Book of SPAM. If you're not in advertising, you can still see it. But your haircut probably won't be as fussy. This may affect your enjoyment of this piece.

Or just grab it here and don't worry about your hair anymore.

Monday, October 22, 2007

We are now international

Howdy folks. The Book of SPAM has great news! A couple weeks ago, The Book of SPAM was released internationally. Now all God-fearing, English-speaking peoples worldwide can enjoy the tasty morsels of knowledge that lead to SPAM enlightenment. Non-English speaking people in Germany and France and parts of Asia can at least enjoy the funny pictures.

Also - check us out on neatorama! It's a popular blog about neat stuff.

We're working on new videos for your enjoyment. We're getting more and more press. Just Google "The Book of SPAM" in quotes. And then make yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea and dip your tootsies in a soothing salt bath.

Did you eat your SPAM today?