Monday, November 12, 2007

On the air in Toronto and Montreal

Here's our interview on Canadian radio with Peter Anthony Holder. Peter is another radio host who holds SPAM near and dear in his heart. Like us, he is a SPAM crusader. This interview was also late-night. I was sleepy. But I still felt pretty. Which is important. Canada is like a totally different country that is also quite similar to our own country. I hope our words of SPAM knowledge were understood. Probably not by those Frenchies up there, though. Whatevs.

Grab the 20MB mp3 file of the interview here.

The Book of SPAM

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Listen to our long and majestic interview on WGN Chicago.

In case you don't live in Chicago, or if you do and you don't usually listen to talk radio in the middle of the night, we've posted our interview on WGN Chicago News/Talk 720. The gracious Nick Digilio was our host. Careful. It's a long one, folks. We take calls and everything. We were both surprisingly sober for a Friday night at midnight. Such is the high price of fame.

Grab the 20mb MP3 here.

The Book of SPAM has spoken.

Our vids now on National Lampoon's!

National Lampoon, a revered source of culture and sophomoric humor, has deemed the videos we made to promote The Book of SPAM worthy of placement on their new website. It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized by National Lampoon. We cried a tear of joy each. Log on to and watch all four again and again! Did I mention we'll be making more of these soon? Oh yeah. I did.

Friday, November 2, 2007

More radio interviews!

Dustin and I were on WGN radio in Chicago last night at the smack of midnight. Nick DiGilio was our gracious host. He's a man's man who stays up late to spread the good word of SPAM and Schlitz beer, among countless other things. We'll post that one soon for your listening pleasure.

For those near Asheville, North Carolina, we'll be on 96.5 WOXL Tuesday morning at 9am EST. Mornings with Ken & Tammy. But maybe this one isn't live. Oh boy. Life is hard. I'll keep you posted. Have a sandwich! You'll feel better.

The Book of SPAM