Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Book is on the can!

The eagle has landed. The chair is on the wall. Circle takes the square. Starting in mid-June, the good folks at Hormel saw fit to put together a promotion for The Book of SPAM! How nice of them! Now you can see the book on the front and back of every SPAM can! It might take a while for them to get on the shelf at your local market, so here's all the info on how you can get your own special copy of The Book of SPAM:

"Just mail in 3 UPC codes from any 12 oz. SPAM® product and a check or money order for $8.95 made payable to: "The Book of SPAM" Offer, P.O. Box 10, Austin MN, 55912"

Now go on and get it! You probably have 10-12 empty SPAM cans laying around in the backyard right now! How easy is that?

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